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In Walmart stores August 7th 2012. 
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 I dedicate "The Mission" to all who have served. To those who have put themselves in harms way and to those who have laid their lives on the alter of freedom.

John Parr

John Parr The Mission Album CD


Big Bad Silverado

For his 18th Birthday a young man wishes for a big bad Chevy Silverado, his childhood dream.  Everything changed that day.  It was 9-11-2001, on September 12th; he enlisted and put all thoughts of that Silverado to the back of his mind.  He told his mother “if I don’t come back don’t cry, I’ll be driving that big bad Silverado in the sky”.

Enlisted Man

Every soldier enlists for a reason, often private and deeply personal.  To right a wrong or to make a difference, so committed are they to help their fellow man, they enlist. They are enlisted in love.

The Boy I Left Behind

Inspired by the teenagers of America in the mid 1960's whose lives changed the day their Vietnam call-up “draft” papers arrived.  A generation who left their youth behind the day they boarded that Military transporter and the friends they left behind when they returned.

Come Out Fightin’

A kicking tune about indomitable spirit.

Soldiers Wife

She lies pretending to be asleep as her husband packs his kit bag to leave for action.  Too hard to say goodbye she waits for the door to close before she finally gives in to her tears.  Often forgotten, the Military family goes into battle too, every time a loved one leaves.

Boots On The Ground

A funky training song: Boot Camp meets Jimi Hendrix. Tuff as old boots, Army boots!

Military Man

A fiery acoustic track about a man in bar trying to relax, trying to be a regular Joe.  In his Wrangler jeans and T-shirt his profession is not obvious but this is a crusty Sergeant who has just returned from a long spell in combat.  A bunch of trouble-makers walk in the bar and start looking for a fight. They eventually turn their aggression on him, he tries to diffuse the situation but they ain’t listening.  Then the training kicks in and in a heartbeat there is only one man left standing.  “Don’t mess with a Military Man”.

A Few Good Men

An anthem not only for The Marines but for all men and women who are touched by the plight of others and the violence and injustice that they suffer and who choose to make a difference.

Fightin’ Girl

A rocking tune about a young teenage girl who sees terrible scenes of bloodshed and cruelty and the dignified return of our fallen.  She cuts off her ribbons and her curls to become a fighting girl.

At The Cathedral

This heartfelt song was inspired by the day that Prince William and Harry stood together in the Cathedral and listened as the names of the fallen were read : just as they had been for a thousand years and a thousand years before. 

Open Sky (Fly Boys Fly)

A thundering tribute to American Airmen and Women.  The story of their creed, integrity and service without self, America’s sword and shield. 

M4 Practice

A funny tune about how to learn to love and master the M4 assault rifle.

Bound By The Thread Of The Flag

The United States of America Military and the flag have been bound together since the birth of the nation.  What the Stars and Stripes represents in the hearts and minds of our fighting men and women goes deeper than most of us can understand, so deep they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her flying.  The song’s aim is to reinforce the faith that has faded and frayed through times of doubt and uncertainty in the civilian world, in the sincere hope that it will make us all consider we are all bound by the thread of the flag.      

Comin’ Home

The thoughts of a service man or woman in a distant land and their dream of coming home strikes a chord in the heart of each of us and the true feeling of what home means.

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